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Installation of gas equipment for cars

Installation of gas equipment for cars

Convert car to LPG

A team of certified professionals is always ready to take on the installation of gas equipment on the most exclusive or difficult to convert vehicles that other gas equipment installation companies would not undertake.

All our specialists love their job, which is why they perform their work accurately and efficiently with knowledge and understanding of their business. And also the masters confirmed their skills and received the appropriate certificates of tolerance in the centers of training and certification of specialists from manufacturing plants.

Original spare parts and elements of the LPG system from manufacturers factories provide confidence in the quality of the installed equipment on cars - this allows our company to provide a guarantee for installed gas equipment for 2 years without mileage limitation and guarantee the longest possible service life with timely maintenance of the gas installation on the car.

The cost of equipment starts from 710 Euro plus VAT. The cost may be affected by the engine size, type and number of gas cylinders, engine power and additional customer wishes.

Huge experience in re-equipment of cars of Japanese manufacturers - Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, hybrid and new generation engines. And other car brands.

Gāzes iekārtu uzstādīšana

Maintenance and repair of Gas systems

The official service of the AutoMans company is engaged in maintenance of gas equipment, both private and corporate clients, warranty service, repair and troubleshooting of gas equipment systems of most manufacturers. We also service factory installations.

During the service or repair of LPG, you have the opportunity to wait in the room for customers, drink fragrant natural coffee, latte. Nearby are shops Maxima, Lidl and cafes Hesburger, Burger King.

Our service is always open and ready to help you deal with any issue of gas equipment, answer or repair gas equipment if you have any difficulties or malfunctions in the gas equipment system.

The main part of the gas elements is in our warehouse, which means a quick solution to problems.

Registration of conversions to CSDD

Service "AutoMans" is certified in CSDD. Having converted the car to gas, we remotely make changes to the CSDD register, a description of the equipment, after which, within 5 days, it is necessary to come for verification and change the technical passport.

We also make a project for gas systems that are not registered for various reasons and submit it to CSDD for legalization.

After converting to gas, do not forget to notify the insurance company about it. Your car is equipped with additional equipment and has become more expensive!

Natural gas (CNG)

AutoMans service also works with methane systems (natural gas/CNG)

We carry out diagnostics, repair, dismantling and conversion of these systems to LPG (safer and more cost-effective than using CNG)

Cars, as a rule, from abroad with this type of equipment, due to insecurity, the high cost of repairs and the gas itself, a small number of gas stations, are unprofitable and in 90% of cases such systems are either removed or replaced with available LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

Diagnostics of gas equipment before purchase

Service "AutoMans" conducts a complete diagnosis of gas equipment on the quality of installation and technical condition. If the car seller tells you that the gas does not turn on due to a lack of gas in the tank or you need to change the filter, you should not believe him. To avoid a number of troubles and costs, we provide complete information about the quality and condition of gas equipment.

Tavi ieguvumi uzstādot Itāļu - gāzes iekārtu savai automašīnai

Your benefits by installing Italian - gas equipment for your car

A standard 4-cylinder car consumes

  • ~10l/100km, driving 15,000km per year on average. At the current price (1.65 Euro/l, 95. petrol)

  • LPG gas price 0.70 Euro/liter and consumption will be 12l/100km

12,500 euros

Approximate cost of gasoline for 5 years

According to the current fuel price (1.65 Euro/l, 95% gasoline) and mileage of 15,000 km/year. 

6500 euros

Gas costs for 5 years

LPG gas price 0.70 Euro/liter, consumption will be 12l/100 km and mileage 15000 km/year.  


% Economy

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