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Autogas equipment and their components

Landi Renzo Omegas Direct for the latest  engines

The Italian Landi Renzo Omegas Direct system is designed for four and six-cylinder vehicles with direct fuel injection systems. This system is designed for engines that supply fuel not to the intake manifold, but directly to the combustion chamber, the system is partially reminiscent of the fuel supply of a diesel engine, such engines have a high pressure pump, fuel injectors of a rather complex design, high fuel pressure and its measurement and adjustment, therefore, the installation of gas systems in such engines is still quite a big problem for many.

Landi Renzo is working hard on these engines, constantly expanding the list of new car engines, and more customers are choosing and installing Landi Renzo Direct gas systems in their cars, and Škoda is doing the factory installation. In recent years, Landi Renzo systems have been developed for brand new Toyota, Škoda, VW, AUDI and many others.

Gas equipment Landi Renzo Evo

The Landi Renzo EVO gas equipment kit from Italy is one of the most common and popular kits that we install today in the Automans service, this kit is quite versatile and optimal, which means that we can install this Landi gas equipment kit Renzo in both new and old cars, so the system is really quite versatile, the components can be adapted to engines of different power and configuration, suitable for engines with and without turbocharging. 

A huge plus of these systems is less capricious to non-clean fuel, a large resource of injectors and gearboxes. It is possible to fully service the gearbox. Active engine protection - parallel supply of a small amount of gasoline to protect the engine valves and improve dynamics under heavy loads.

RC Plug And Drive and Sequent 32 Gas Equipment Installation

Italian gas equipment BRC Plug And Drive and Sequent 32 is the highest quality and most accurate gas equipment, so it is installed for those cars that want to have a reliable and really one of the best gas equipment systems on the market. In principle, the biggest plus of this gas equipment system is that all components are made by one manufacturer, perfectly matched and tested, reliable and really work well and serve even in our conditions, where there is an uncomfortable climate zone for gas equipment due to temperature changes. 

They have extremely accurate and fast gas supply, so they are perfect for both turbocharged and non-turbo engines. The gearbox is serviced, there is also an active engine protection - parallel micro-injection of gasoline at high loads.

BRC direct injection equipment

BRC gas equipment is designed for the same direct type engines. We install BRC direct-flow gas equipment on engines such as GDI, TSI, FSI, TFSI. BRC Direct uses a certain percentage of gasoline along with gas, its amount is determined for a specific car model and its engine, the system is equipped for a specific engine according to the engine code. 

The BRC direct gas equipment is basically the same as the Sequent 32, are accurate, fast and to ensure maximum accuracy of fuel delivery to each cylinder, as well as to ensure fuel supply at any load and rpm ranges.

Gas injectors Landi Renzo AEB Iplus

The AEB group is the name that belongs to the Landi Renzo group. Landi Renzo AEB Iplus gas injectors are one of the most popular products of this company, this is a reliable and time-tested version of gas injectors, it is not for nothing that they are installed even in new cars with factory installation. AEB Iplus gas nozzles are universal, they can be used with other gas equipment or systems. It should also be emphasized that AEB Iplus gas injectors are guaranteed, which is very important given our lack of clean or quality fuel. 

Landi Renzo AEB Iplus gas nozzles are installed in twos, threes or fours. Depending on the need, we can choose a different layout for a specific engine model, ideal for most models and ensure stable operation. A big plus is that the manufacturer gives a full two-year warranty and it is known that they drive 80-100,000 km of run in our realities without any problems.

Gas reducer Landi Renzo Li10 Turbo

The Li10 Turbo gas reducer is one of the most reliable and efficient gas reducers installed and used in the installation of Landi Renzo gas equipment today. We use this gas reducer for engines up to 200 kW, although in practice we know that it can do more. Usually installed on cars with six- or eight-cylinder engines, can be adapted to other gas equipment systems. 

Made of high quality components, double cuffs and elastic bands guarantee no gas and coolant leaks. The biggest advantage of this gas reducer is that it heats up the gas perfectly quickly, is able to maintain a sufficiently high and stable gas temperature and gas pressure, which allows you to perfectly adapt the fuel consumption and mixture. Also provided for service.

BRC gas reducers

Excellent quality gearbox tested by time from the Italian manufacturer BRC. Various modifications of devices are designed for machines with different power and engine sizes from 50 kW to 240 kW. The body is made of durable alloy metals that are resistant to damage and pressure in the system. A stable, reliable evaporator system is ensured by internal heating chambers in the housing. This contributes to uninterrupted operation in any weather, including frost. 

The compact size of the product allows you to mount it in any area under the hood. Such gearboxes are used in original kits for equipping a car with a gas system and it is possible to adapt to systems from other manufacturers. There is a full service option.

BRC gas nozzles

BRC gas injectors are a very important component, their design is close to that of gasoline injectors, so they are not repaired, when they fail, they are simply replaced, but the good thing is that BRC gas injectors last a very long time. Great resource, they are fast, accurate, adapt perfectly to engines of different power and injection times. BRC gas nozzles are available in three capacities, depending on the engine power, gas nozzles of a suitable diameter and capacity are selected. Nozzles are mounted in a ramp, for different types - in-line, V-shaped and boxer engines.

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